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Dr. Stefan Ritsert

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ritsert.de is a service provided by Dr. Ritsert Pharma GmbH & Co KG, Eberbach for physicians, patients and consumers seeking advice, pharmacies and others who may be interested. All the information, documents and graphics given and shown have been compiled to the best of available knowledge and belief. The goal of Dr. Ritsert is to constantly review and update the information given. However, it cannot be excluded that, due to links with new servers and differences in national law, some information may not be in line with the goals set by Dr. Ritsert. Dr. Ritsert accepts no liability with respect to such information, including any implied liability with respect to the marketing of health. In no way does Dr. Ritsert accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage or any other damage resulting from the use of the information contained, regardless of how such may be incurred. These Internet pages are intended solely for general information.
Important information for patients and consumers seeking advice
These pages are intended to provide initial information only. No medical or other advice is given. The information provided is based on our current knowledge with respect to the areas involved and in no way replaces the need to consult a physician, especially a dermatologist or a pharmacist. Please also note that you should not use the information contained here to self-diagnose a condition nor should you initiate therapy on your own without consulting a physician.
The operator of this website is in no way liable for any damage or losses caused by the user based on the user relying on the information provided by ritsert.de, especially such specifying measures to be taken or questions and answers formulated.
Legal note
All information provided on the website pages under ritsert.de have been carefully vetted for correctness. We give no guarantee however (neither specifically nor implied) that this information is  correct, complete and fully up-to-date. Furthermore, we accept no liability whatsoever for any damage resulting from the use of the information given on the said website. Should you decide to use any of the products listed, please refer to the instructions for use contained in the package before using.
Copyright and other rights
The complete content of this ritsert.de website is subject to copyright and trademark law. Should you feel that any of your trademarks are infringed by anything appearing on this website, please inform us immediately so that the matter can be clarified speedily. 
Private use
Users may utilize the information contained here for their personal, non-trading, use only. Copies may be made only if there is no risk of documents being altered or falsified.
This website may be used and data downloaded but at the user's risk. Ritsert accepts no liability for any resulting damage, in particular damage to databases, hardware and software of the user.
Any information we receive as feedback on the website will not be regarded as being confidential. Ritsert is thus free to use such information for whatever purpose it sees fit.
Data protection
Ritsert places great value on treating any personal data given absolutely confidentially. Any data provided will be stored by Ritsert if necessary and used solely by Ritsert. Ritsert does not compile user profiles. Data provided are never passed on to third parties; in particular, they are never sold, leased or exchanged.
The Data Protection Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are valid in this respect. 
Right to make changes
We reserve the right to make necessary changes to any of the content of this website without prior warning. We accept no liability for such action.


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