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The company was founded by Dr. Eduard Ritsert,
born on 11th November 1859 in Darmstadt, Germany. On completion of his apprenticeship in a pharmacy, he traveled a lot and was influenced a great deal by the way pharmacies were operated and by the many physicians he met during his travels. He did his own syntheses in the laboratory and discovered new methods and processes; these he then patented and published. He was always searching for solutions to specific problems. One of these concerned cocaine that was being used at the time, around 1884, as a local anesthetic. As this substance had a number of side-effects, researchers were searching for a synthetic substitute that was easy to produce. And Dr. Ritsert found the solution: in 1890, he was the first to realize the effectiveness of p-aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester (Benzocaine) as a synthetic and non-toxic local anesthetic. This then became the product Anaesthesin. In 1903, Dr. Eduard Ritsert founded a company, named it after himself and established it in Frankfurt. In 1928, his son Hans joined the company and headed it throughout the war and the subsequent "economic miracle" years. In 1960, Dr. Heinz Ritsert, grandson of the founder, took over the company and, during a phase of expansion during 1964, relocated it to Eberbach. As a result of steadily increasing demand and extension of the product range through product acquisition, the company was again expanded in 1984. It is notable that the company has been able to retain its legal and economic independence throughout the years. The company is now in the fourth generation of the family Ritsert. On the death of Dr. Heinz Ritsert in 1979, his wife, Hannelore, took over the company, hence maintaining the family tradition. Since February 1997, her son, Dr. Stefan Ritsert, has been Managing Director.
For more information on the company and its history, please have a look at the company brochure we produced on the occasion of our centenary.
This is available for downloading as a PDF file (3.79 MB).


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