Dr. Ritsert - skin-compatible and friendly

Proven and reliable drugs are becoming increasingly important for people in general – and Dr. Ritsert Pharma is fully in line with this trend. Here, we have always produced effective but gentle-acting products whose modes of action and side-effects are well known. We feel justified in continuing this work. In questions relating to the skin especially, the right product can always be found at Dr. Ritsert. Whatever the skin irritation, whether it be from chicken pox, allergic itching, insect bites, burn wounds or sunburn, hemorrhoids, shingles or anything that causes us to itch, our products are optimally suited. They immediately relieve pain and exert their quick and safe effect only where applied, promote the healing process and are exceptionally gentle – simply skin-compatible and friendly.In order to further expand our competence as skin specialist, it is no wonder that we not only offer excellent treatments but also effective prevention. Having acquired all the relevant brand rights, we have been producing the medicated sunscreen series ilrido® in Eberbach since 2001 and market it exclusively via pharmacies.

At the same time, in 2001, we also extended our product range for pediatricians by acquiring the production and marketing rights for the well-known products Sanasepton®, Amagesan®, Expit® and Acetyst®. In this way, we have been able to provide an extended range of products for the treatment of a number of infectious diseases - and all in high-quality and at a reasonable price. Shortly afterwards, the product range was again extended by two well-known products: Echinatur® for stimulation of the immune system and Parapaed®, a pediatric analgesic syrup, both available in pharmacies.

In 2003, we celebrated our centenary - 100 years of Dr. E. Ritsert. However, this is no reason to let up – we will continue to extend our product range wherever it is necessary and meaningful. To underpin this strategy, in 2004, we also took on the medical device Active Ice ® Spray based on chloroethane. With this step, we were entering new territory; however, Active Ice ® Spray is an approved local anesthetic for spraying onto the skin and hence a product that fits our range. The cold spray is available in pharmacies under the name Active Ice ® Spray Dr. Ritsert.
ilrido® Winter Creme (Creame) is an in-house developed product that has been marketed since the winter season 2004/2005. It is both a sunscreen and protection against cold and thus enhances the ilrido series. Available in a practical 25-ml tube, this product is ideal for travelers, especially for winter sports.

As these latest developments clearly show, Dr. Ritsert Pharma will continue to grow in its designated areas of specialty but will not hesitate to diverse into other areas in order to maintain its legal and economic independence.



Anaestherit 10% Salbe in Österreich erhältlich!
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POLYXAN® BLAU N Salbe heißt jetzt: POLYXAN® BLAU Creme
Die POLYXAN® BLAU N Salbe heißt jetzt: POLYXAN® BLAU Creme!
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